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Providing the same exceptional in-home care for your family as I do for my parents.

Testimonials - Angels at Home | Home Care Macon Ga

Kind words from our clients and our staff. Macon, GA.

Brenda, our home care aide was great with my husband and allowed me the time to participate in family functions during our stay at Callaway. You guys absolutely are Angels!
— Mary V. | Client's Wife

I wouldn’t change a single thing about our home care aide. Many people think my sister cannot speak, but she talks with the home care specialist because the she is so gentle and patient with L.H.. Our home care aide really does care about us, and goes above and beyond her duties. Everyone there is so nice!
— L.H.'s brother

It’s an outstanding place to work and the service to the clients is the best in the business. The caregivers are very special in their own right. Keep up the good work.
— Margie | Home Care Aide

Angels at home is the best home care Macon GA has to offer!
— Tara | Home Care Aide