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Providing the same exceptional in-home care for your family as I do for my parents.

Getting Started

Getting started with Angels at Home



Linda Price, Client Care Specialist

Linda Price, Client Care Specialist

We understand that this is a big decision, and we are committed to making the process as simple as possible, while allowing you plenty of time to ask questions and get to know us.  There IS paperwork to be signed, of course, but for us, this is more about establishing a personal relationship with a team you can trust than just a business contract.  

So how does it work?
Call today (478-746-1011) to schedule your free, no-obligation, in-home assessment!

Linda Price, our Client Care Specialist, will come at your convenience to introduce Angels at Home in person and discuss with you how we can help meet your specific needs.  She will explain how our company works and go over the state-required documents.  

Our LPN, Pam Walton, who supervises our caregivers, may be able to join the meeting as well.  The length of the meeting is totally up to you!  If Angels at Home sounds like a good fit for you, you can sign the Service Agreement, and then we can go ahead with the next step.

LaDovie Boswer, Scheduling Supervisor

LaDovie Boswer, Scheduling Supervisor

We will call our scheduler, LaDovie Bowser, to tell her what days and hours you would like to have a caregiver come to your home.  We can staff any number of days per week from 3-24 hours per day.  She will get to work finding an available team member who will be your dedicated caregiver every week.  (If more than one caregiver is needed, we will always work to keep the size of your team as small as possible. We want you to be familiar and comfortable with everyone who comes in your home!)  She will call you to introduce herself, confirm the start day and time, and tell you the name of your caregiver.
If necessary, according to the State Regulations, one of our RNs will call you to schedule a visit to draw up the detailed plan for your care.
Pam Walton, the LPN supervisor, will come with your caregiver on her (or his) first day to make introductions and go over the duties for the day.  

We can often begin service with 24 hours of Linda’s initial visit, if you need for us to do so! 


Our minimum visit is 3 hours, and we care provide care 24/7.  There is no additional cost to request a caregiver with advanced dementia care training, however, we may need an extra day or two to begin service.

 Just let us know! That’s all there is to it!

My commitment to you is that you will receive the same excellent care that my parents receive from the same highly-qualified caregivers and our incredibly dedicated staff.  

Call us today! (478) 746-1011